16 November 2008

Welcome To Thunder Bay Cafe!

Welcome to Thunder Bay Cafe!

Not only will we give you healthy and fun ideas, we will tell you what we are eating, how to fix it, where to get the ingredients, what equipment we use and even what we are drinking with it. We'll show you how to make things you never thought you could make.

Many recipes will be vegetarian and even vegan. BUT, before you click away, try us out. My current interest is making meat free food that even a carnivore can love. You know that vegetarian cooking is healthy for you, and we make it delicious AND no one will be complaining that there is no meat in it. Yes, these recipes can be THAT good!

Our recipes are meant to be fun and help you achieve success even as you explore new ingredients, cuisines and techniques. And if you have a problem, leave a comment-question and we'll see if we can help.

We live in the Midwest US in a small town. We do not have access to well stocked mega-marts and giant whole food or organic supermarkets. But access to the internet can make most any ingredient available to you as well as to us, and we try to make full use of that. Plus, we'll even tell you where we get it. During the summer, we have local produce auctions in the Amish communities as well as a weekly farmer's market. You don't have to have a mega-mart to eat well and learn new foods and techniques.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you soon for our first blogs.

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